Mini Sewing Machine, Includes Delivery

Price: R599.00


  • Handheld or desktop sewing machine
  • Mend in seconds
  • Use it instead of a big, bulky sewing machine
  • Ideal for homeowners, offices, students and craftspeople
  • Lightweight, compact, and portable


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The Industrial Revolution gave rise to many developments in technology and efficient work operations: there was the assembly line, trains, and robots that do not yet have the capacity to replace a person in the workforce or declare war on the human race. Get a modernized version of one of the earliest non-threatening robots with today’s deal.

Patch up tears and put together entirely new outfits, literally, with a Mini Sewing Machine. The machine runs on four AA batteries, minimizing foot stomping and clacking sounds. Though most thread manipulation contraptions take up a large amount of floor or table space, the mini sewing machine is compactenough to occupy only a small area on a desk, or be handheld. It operates like regular sewing machines; it even has a button to switch speeds from slow to fast.

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