Electric Pasta And Sausage Maker, Includes Delivery

Price: R1,499.00


  • Pasta maker mixes and makes pasta dough really quickly
  • No time-consuming manual mixing and kneading involved
  • Four different supplied pasta grids for different thicknesses


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Unlike having to grind one’s own flour or churn butter; the electric pasta maker is easy to use and doesn’t require hours of arm straining farm work. Groupies can take delight in a convenient, quick and simple way of making homemade pasta; spaghetti, lingunie, fettuccine, rigatoni and sausage in only five minutes without the need for an Italian. All you need to do is add the ingredients, start the pasta maker, and hey presto your pasta dough is ready within minutes, at just the right consistency.

Electric Pasta Maker and Sausage Maker,Make delicious fresh home - made pasta in 10 minutes – just add flour, eggs and water!, Fully automatic, 200 Watt Motor, Succulent, fresh pasta in no time at all, Powerful motor for kneading, Maximum capacity of approximately 360g ( Dough or meat), Easy to clean as parts can be dismantle, 4 discs for different pasta varieties (Spaghetti, Linguine, Tagliatelle, Rigatoni), With accessories to make sausages as well, Cover with safety closure, With 2 measuring cups, Non-slip feet, Instruction manual with various pasta recipes.

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