Solar-Powered Twin Head LED Security Light , Includes Delivery

Price: R799.00


  • Passive infrared sensors detect motion of people, animals, and objects
  • When motion is detected, bright LEDs light up the area
  • Sensitivity and light duration can be adjusted
  • Twin heads can be tilted and swiveled to the desired angles
  • Shines a spotlight on uninvited guests
  • Illuminates garages and entryways
  • Built-in battery recharges with solar power
  • Doesn’t add to home electricity bills
  • Full charge provides up to 4.5 hours of light


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Let the 22 LED Twin Head Solar Security Light your patio or garden with it’s awesome super bright LED Lumen Intensity. This security light also boasts an impressive swivel and tilt design and pin sensitive motion detector that makes your favorite area light up with ease. Whether it’s unwanted guests or dark garages and driveways, the 22 LED Twin Head Solar Security Light will help brighten up your day or night without you having to be there

  • 22 LEDs provide 150 lumens
  • 12V, 1.2W solar panel
  • 5m wire connects panel to the lights
  • Optimum height for installation: 1m–3m
  • Sensitivity distance: 2m–5m maximum
  • Sensitivity extent: 120º
  • Light sensitivity adjustment: 5lum–20lum
  • Light size: 6.69”x8.66”