Two Led Clip On Pet Safety Light, Includes Delivery

Price: R399.00


  • Bright safety clip light for evening walks
  • Just press and clip
  • Quick and easy to use
  • The LED collar light features a durable stainless steel clip and easily replaceable batteries
  • Designed to keep you and your pet safe at night
  • Can be clipped on to backpacks as well


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Keep your pet safe with our dog collar blinker lights! Many pets are injured and even killed during the evening and early morning hours. This is due to the fact that they are very hard to see in the dark. Our dog collar blinker is a bright LED light designed be be seen up to 1/2 mile away!

Clip the lightweight, durable Safe Light to your pet's collar, or use as a Carabiner, Keychain, locate tent lines and camping gear. The battery-powered LED emits a bright ambient glow, perfect for those pre-dawn or after dark outdoor.

Change the light between steady mode, rapid flashing or slow flashing with just 1 click, and you not only help keep your pet safe, you, It will also be able to identify him clearly from a distance.

The LED collar light features a durable stainless steel carabiner clip and easily replaceable batteries.Secure stainless steel spring clip to easily attach to your dog's collar quick and easy bright, a lovely gift for your baby pets