Snap Fit Drawer Dividers, Includes Delivery

Price: R399.00


  • Fix messy clutter drawers in an instant 
  • Extendable length to fit drawers of all sizes 
  • Ideal for the kitchen, bedroom, office 
  • Easy to install, no tools required 
  • Can be taken out to wash if required 
  • Increase organization and spend less time trying to find things 


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Are your kitchen drawers as organised as a box of frogs? The time has come to stop endlessly scrambling about in your drawers trying to find the item you want. With the set of 2 snap-fit drawer dividers by Ideaworks you can eliminate a little bit of stress from your daily life.

Are you a guilty of having the most untidy office drawers known to man? Do your work colleagues dread asking for something as they know they’ll have to watch you scramble through your devilish drawers searching?  Maybe you fancy yourself as the next Mary Berry but your kitchen drawers are so shameful that you can’t really find the equipment you need to bake something spectacular!

With this clever divider, it'll be easy to keep items in the drawers organized. Ideal for organizing utensils in household kitchen/bedroom/office drawers. With its ratchet style adjustable length, these dividers suit many size drawers. Designed with non-slip grips on each end. Each divider is 7.3cm in height and can extend from 35cm in length to 50cm*