The Collapsible Ice-less Cooler, Includes Delivery

Price: R699.00


  • Iceless, Collapsible Cooler/ Insulation Box
  • Holds up to 60 Cans or a  Full Chafing Dish
  • Holds hot food within 10 degrees of starting temperature for up to 4 hours
  • Easy to take with you wherever you go and collapsible and stackable for easy storage
  • Provides hours of insulation performance
  • No ice or heat packs needed
  • Folds down for convenient storage
  • Dimensions: 42.5cm x 42cm x 24cm


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Ordinary coolers are too heavy, need ice and makes your food soggy when the ice melts!

The Iceless Cooler is the revolutionary cooler that's lightweight, collapsible and keeps things ice cold up to 10 hours without any ice at all!

The Icless Cooler has a 24L capacity and fits up to 60 cans! It even keeps things frozen for hours - NO ICE REQUIRED! It weighs less than 2 lbs., so it's easy to take with you anywhere! Perfect for Outdoor Parties, BBQs, Sporting Events, Picnics, Beach Outings, Camping, Boating & More! Even on a hot beach, ice cream stays ice cold and ready to enjoy!

The secret is the temperature-lock technology with interwoven Polypropylene cells that trap the cold inside! It keeps items fresh, frozen and ready to enjoy HOURS longer than ordinary coolers! It's durable and strong enough to hold up to 100X its weight, yet light enough to hold two of them over your head!

It has enough room to hold food & drinks ice cold up to 10 hours! Flip Box easily folds flat in seconds for convenient storage! It's the perfect space-saving cooler to keep in your car! Keep your groceries fresh so you don't have to rush home after shopping! Flip Box also locks in the temperature on hot foods to keep hot food piping hot for hours! You can take a dish right out of a 400-degree oven and put it in the Flip Box. Perfect for getting hot dishes to parties! The Flip Box is also 100% recyclable and food safe!