36 Piece Light Stax Illuminating Blocks, Includes Delivery

Price: R899.00


  • Lights up magically when connected to a power base or lit up stax
  • No special wires required
  • 36 Piece set
  • Can be used with traditional blocks as well
  • Uses AAA batteries (Not included)
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up


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  • Limited number available
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Light Stax build on the fun of interlocking bricks by integrating LED lights inside of each brick. When connected to one another, the bricks complete a circuit and light up. What a bright idea!

A base plate powers the 36 individual bricks and can be powered with the included USB cable or with 3 AAA batteries for on-the-go fun.

Each set of Light Stax contains 6 different colors of bricks that allow you to construct all kinds of creations. Build a glowing robot sentinel to stand guard or an illuminated night light shaped like a heart. Light Stax will also connect to the Lego and Duplo bricks you already own, so you can really make some grand and glowing structures.

To make your stack glow, touch the button on the base. If you press it again, it will cycle through the light modes which include: always on, 15 min auto-off, flashing, and fading