Movie Set Analog Clock, Includes Delivery

Price: R499.00
  • Life is the movie time record bits and pieces of our lives!
  • Creative wall clock, perfect for living room, bedroom, office, ect
  • The designer's aesthetic concept is a combination of industrial aesthetic philosophy.
  • It is also a notepad clock
  • It can lift the feel of your living room or bedroom and can liven up any decor
  • Ideal for offices as well
  • Size: 30.2 * 27.5 * 2.5CM
  • Movement: Quartz ,Battery: Not Included


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Cut! This very word reminds us of directors and movies.

The signature clap from a clapboard slate marks the beginning to new scenes and some iconic moments in movie history. If you’re someone who appreciates trendy art and creative stuff, the clapboard slate clock will definitely give you the jitters.

A monochrome palate of white and black gives it an authentic look. Almost each number on the analog clock partners with a movie term. For example 5 goes with cameraman, 8 with director and much more. This makes you much more involved while reading out the time. The slate can actually move at the hinge and make a clap!

White hour and minute hands stand out brightly on the dark background. Staying true to the original, the entire clock body is made of wood. This makes the slate customizable as you can write on it with chalk. So, you can jot down reminders and lists in a hurry whenever you want. It can lift the feel of your living room or bedroom and can liven up any decor. The clapboard clock is also ideal for offices as you can venture into those funky areas without much thought.