Newtons Cradle Balance Balls, Includes Delivery

Price: R299.00


  • The classic contraption of swinging metal spheres
  • Encourages relaxation, curiosity, interest in physics
  • A fascinating example of science at work
  • A beautiful desk piece
  • 5 metal spheres hang perfectly from strong, thin, transparent cord
  • Operates by the law of conservation of momentum
  • Great for conference rooms, lobbies, and offices
  • Base made of strong, sturdy wood
  • Frame and spheres made of strong, durable metal


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Swing two spheres at once, three spheres at once, four... every time, the energy builds. You'll find yourself watching the captivating motion, and appreciating the steady, pulsing clicks as the spheres collide.

Large enough to impress people a fair distance away, this Newton's Cradle is a fine looking piece of art. With 3/4 inch diameter metal spheres that pleasantly click-click-click-click... audibly and rhythmically as they should - people will come from all directions to play with your new desk toy.

Five metal spheres hang perfectly from strong, thin, transparent cord. Pull an end sphere back, let it go, and watch as its momentum pulls it down to hit the next sphere in line. The energy travels through the other spheres, causing the last sphere on the opposite side to swing up into the air. This process repeats until it finally wears down, which - thankfully - takes a while.