The Salon Tools Sterilizer, Includes Delivery

Price: R499.00


  • Best for metal tools for salons
  • Maintains high temperature 250 degrees
  • Glass beads sterilization
  • Practical function
  • Long term usage


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The Metal Sterilizer is an ideal option for beauty salons, spas, home, professional and personal use.

Perfect for lashing, waxing metal tools, such as nails nippers and tweezers, salon peelers, eye-brow beauty, facial tools and tattoo needles.

It is small and compact so that it does not take up a lot of counter space, easy to store and convenient to use.

The intelligent sterilizer can automatically increase to and maintain 250 degree high temperature when you plug in the power, put the glass ball into the inner pot and turn on switch, which keeps the tools clean and sterile.

With a bag of Glass Beads in the inner pot to hold the metal tools being sterilized and to diffuse heat and keep hot, you do not need to put any liquid into the machine.

This Nail Tools Sterilizer equipped with the heat and moisture preservation device and with the sterilization function. It's made of the high-grade material, which makes this machine no pollution and saves electricity. It's convenient and durable to use.