Tractors For Cervical Spine Neck Massager, Includes Delivery

Price: R399.00


  • It is suitable to treat the problems of end-nerve cervical spine
  • Fabric covering adopts high-grade anti-allergy straight flannel material
  • Air charged ball is high-grade Latex copper valve ball
  • Airway is equipped with rolling ball-type air stopping valve
  • After air charging, it is possible to pull out the air charging device at the place of plastic
  • Light weight and easy to use
  • Comfortable and non-threatening
  • Adjustable universal size for most men and women
  • Application: People who spend long time on the computers, cars


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The tractors for cervical spine are pneumatic tractors. It can treat the problems of end-nerve cervical spine. It can subside the symptoms. It is easy in operation and safe and efficient in the treatment. This product is mainly made up of air bag, lining bushing, the conduit, plastic attachment, the valve of the tractor, the inflatable ball, the nylon adherent buttons and so on.

According to the different material, it can be divided into latex tractors and rubber tractors. This one is with three layers of separated type which can be a perfect Cervical Spine Neck Tractor. It is suitable to treat the problem of end-nerve cervical spine.