The Travel Storage Bag, Includes Delivery

Price: R299.00


  • Multipurpose travel storage bag
  • Ideal for toothpaste, toothbrush and make-up kit
  • Manufactured from waterproof fabric
  • Comes in several appealing colors 
  • Can be easily folded and unfolded
  • Dimensions: 64cm x 26cm (Length x Width)
  • Availble color: Green


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The Multifunctional Travel Storage Bag, as indicated well by its name, is a multifunctional and multipurpose travel storage bag. This bag has several pockets that you can use to put small items of clothing and other small things as toothbrush, make-up kit and so on. One of the best features of the Multifunctional Travel Storage Bag is that it can be easily folded and unfolded according to the requirement. All you have to do is to first put your belongings in the bag and then fold the bag to take it along with you on  a journey.

The Multifunctional Travel Storage Bag is crafted from the waterproof fabric, so you can easily place your valuables inside this bag without the problem of getting wet when exposed to moisture. The Multifunctional Travel Storage Bag is a very stylish bag that come with the built-in hook. You can use this hook to hang this bag at almost any place without any problem at all.