The No! N0! Hair Removal System, Includes Delivery

Price: R1,199.00


  • Portable handheld device
  • Painless hair removal
  • 3 Treatment levels
  • Can be used virtually anywhere (Face or Body)
  • Good for light or dark skin


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Multi award winning no!no! HAIR has 3 power levels allowing you to adjust up for thicker hair and down for finer hair and delicate areas. With Thermicon Tips available for body and face, no!no! HAIR was the first long term hair removal treatment to clinically treat facial hair.

The No!No! Pro Hair removal system with its patented "Thermicon" technology, is marketed as a professional quality hair removal device. This system uses different technology to laser hair removal and is intended for all skin and hair types and for most areas of the body including the face.

The No!No! Removal System is designed specifically for use at home.  It does not use light and therefore cannot be classified as a laser device. The device uses pulsed heat, delivered through the replaceable tips, to singe and crystallize the hair, which is then removed by using the buffer to exfoliate the area. It has advantages over laser treatment in that it has no side effects and is pain-free, and is safe for facial hair removal.​