Solar Pest Repeller, Includes Delivery

Price: R899.00


  • Humane and enviromentally friendly
  • Detects movement up to 30ft away
  • Covers approximately 100SQ Meters
  • Solar powered and cordless (No batteries needed)
  • Repels cats, dogs, rats or mice


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This device is perfect for repelling unwanted pest from your yard. Solar and ultrasonic technology with motion keeps your yard free from pest such as Mice, Rats, Dogs and Cats that may damage your outdoor master piece


Mount the unit with the 4 screws and anchors(Supplied) on an area with sufficient direct sunlight. For better performance, it is recommended to place the unit at least 3 feet above the ground for optimum range. Make sure that the speaker is facing the area you want covered.

Turn the frequency dial to the desired animal you want repel. Different frequencies will repel different animals. Some frequencies will repel more than one animal.

Turn the unit ON by pressing the ON/OFF button once. Once pressed, the LED will illuminate red and activate the system and will stop to emit the ultrasonic frequency automatically after 9-11 seconds. The unit will be activated again if sense any further intruder movement.