Sock Slider Easy On Easy Off Sock Kit, Includes Delivery

Price: R299.00


  • Puts your socks on for you so you don't have to bend far over
  • Unique cradle design expands and holds your sock open
  • Keeps your sock in the perfect position so all you have to do is slide your foot in
  • Makes taking your socks off easy
  • Helps put on your shoes, too
  • Great for those with limited range of movement
  • Packs up easily for convenient travel


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Sock Slider is the sock and shoe assistant that will instantly improve the lives of anyone with limited mobility. Whether you’re elderly, injured, suffer from lower back problems, pregnant or just find bending to touch your toes difficult, Sock Slider makes putting on and removing your socks quick, easy and pain-free.

The clever cradle holds your sock in the perfect position and is set at an angle that allows you to just slide your foot right in. Sock Slider puts your socks on for you! PLUS, the handle not only helps you lift and lower Sock Slider to the floor to save you bending, it also acts as the perfect sock remover! It even works as a shoe horn for putting on and removing shoes so you never have to worry about the pain and strain of bending to your feet again!