Multi-Color Adjustable Eye Protection Desk Lamp, Includes Delivery

Price: R799.00


  • Multi-color mood changing
  • Emits soft bright light that is easy on the eyes
  • Touch controlled
  • Eco-friendly and energy saving


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Color Customization: Personalize the mood of the atmosphere with a full color spectrum of base lighting control. Simply drag your finger along the spectrum ring to find the perfect hue or touch ON/OFF for color light over 3S, the color would cycle automatically

Eye Protection: The special O-ring light design emits light with its 18 units of high bright LED bulbs and offers a proper and soft light (5000-5500k) which is flicker-free, anti-glare, and perfect for reading and more

Touch controlled: Easy to be used/ adjusted by the touch switch and retains the last brightness setting-even after you turn it off. Touch once shortly to turn on/off the lamp. Long-time touch to turn up/down the brightness. Further, the smart LED lamp offers a 256 color light option with your finger tips on its color circle

Eco-friendly and Energy-Saving: The desk lamp is Eco-friendly. It is a green product, up to 20,000 hours lifetime and consumes up to 80% less energy due to its advanced LED illumination technology