Full Crystal Window and Outdoor Surface Cleaner, Includes Delivery

Price: R499.00


  • Cleans Windows, Cars, Boats, Patio, Shutters, Gutters, Over Hangs, Furniture, Siding & More.
  • Attaches to any garden hose
  • 1 packet on each Item, cleans up to 20 Windows
  • Reaches up to 27 Feet
  • Harmless to Lawn, Plants, & Shrubs
  • Fan Nozzle
  • Shut Off Valve
  • Specially Engineered Bottle
  • Switch Suds by touch for Spot Free Clean


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Full Crystal Window and Outdoor Surface cleaner makes cleaning windows and furniture a breeze. There's no need for ladders, just attach the spray bottle to any garden hose and blast through dirt and grime in a flash. Cleans windows, screens, cars, patio furniture and more!

Multifunctional Glass Cleaner: The full crystal window cleans windows, cars, rv's boats, patio furniture, siding and so on. Reusable Spray Bottle with adjustable aluminum nozzle and shut-off valve, great for outdoor use. The Best Glass Cleaning Helper.

Powerful Fan Nozzle: The cleaning jetting kettle with 60 PSI of home water pressure is very strong that enough to clean all stains. Spot-free and streak-free. Save your time to do outdoors cleaning tasks.

Long-range Clean: It is very suitable for long distance cleaning, up to 27 feet high! Perfect for cleaning high rise windows without using a ladder. Harmless to grass, plants and shrubs. Safe for lawns and flowers.