Children's Plastic Garden Swing Seat, Includes Delivery

Price: R499.00


  • Extrusion blow moulded HDPE hard wearing and durable seats - 420 x 170mm
  • Fully galvanized 'O' rings and adjusters
  • Fully adjustable rot resistant poly-propylene ropes - mounting height 1.9 - 2.3m
  • Secure with black polypropylene welds 
  • Non-slip ridged seat with raised sides for better comfort and security
  • Color resistance to changing weather conditions and UV radiation
  • Age range - 3-12 Years (Max 60kg) 


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Designed for outdoor use  - a great way for your children to have some fresh air and fun combined with physical activity. The child seat is widely used in various types of play structures / climbing frames or sets of playground equipment.

With the addition of 2 x Tree Swing Conversion Ropes or Straps with Carbine Hook's this also makes a great Tree Swing.