Set Of 2 As Seen On TV Clean Balls, Includes Delivery

Price: R299.00


  • Substitute for traditional laundry detergents and softeners
  • Safe for fabrics and colors
  • No harmful chemicals such as phosphorus or boron
  • Eco-friendly and reusable
  • Saves water, energy and time
  • Suitable for semi-automatic and automatic machines
  • Can be used in hot or cold water


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Easy, Effective & Economical, Laundry Balls unleashes the ionic cleaning power inside your washer for a super wash every time!

Through a unique molecular ionization process, the laundry balls naturally and gently clean laundry without the use of harsh chemicals. The balls are powerful, foamless, fresh, reusable, detergent free, soap free, no harsh chemical, no Phosphorus, Boron, ABS, LAS or SAS.

Hypoallergenic, safe for use on children's and infant's clothes, protect the fibre during the washing, and reduce the pollution of environment. To smooth, soft fiber clothing and without static, completely replace the press from hands.

Alkyl sulfate, non-ionic surfactant, metasilicate, essence, water