48-Piece Educational Wooden ABC Blocks, Includes Delivery

Price: R299.00 R189.00



  • Comes in a wooden box
  • Set of 48 traditionally styled one inch cube blocks features charming hand-painted artwork
  • Solid wood blocks with a colourful collection of pictures and alphabets
  • Encourage matching, stacking, sequencing and sorting
  • Fun to play with for one-year olds and older kids
  • Box dimensions: 14cm x 14cm x 10cm
  • Cube dimensions: 3cm x 3cm
  • 24 Hour local delivery (Excludes Weekends)


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Little ones get to have fun building blocks while learning their ABC’s!

Ways to Play and Learn:

  • Ask the child to see how tall they can stack the blocks before they fall over
  • Count each block out loud as it is added to the stack
  • Ask the child to look at each block and identify the image on each of its six sides
  • Repeat this activity until the child can correctly identify the images on all of the blocks
  • Build a simple structure and ask the child to replicate it
  • Point to a picture on a block and ask what letter it begins with
  • Ask the child to use the alphabet blocks to spell out their first name (It may be necessary to use both the carved and stamped sides of the blocks)
  • Ask the child to place the blocks in alphabetical order from A to Z